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About Getting Lost


Getting Lost is an attempt to dig deeper into Rebecca Solnit’s A Field Guide for Getting Lost.  This initiative was sparked after several people, having first read my original post on this, Lost – or The ‘Voluptuous Surrender,” exchanged a series of emails – long emails – about “being lost,” “getting lost” and “where we are” or “where are we?”.   Many readers were inspired to read Solnit’s “guide.”  And one reader came up with the idea that we need a book group focused on Solnit’s “guide.”

We came up with this blog, Getting Lost. Its purpose is to create a safe, creative place to, well, get lost, after having read A Field Guide to Getting Lost.  Anyone can join.  But the prerequisite is having read – or if you’re reading – Solnit’s “guide.”  You can request “entry” here.

We invite ruminations, stories, images, essays – as long as these are adding to the conversation ignited by A Field Guide to Getting Lost.  



  1. […] The beginning of Imagining Amsterdam can be found here.   Below is what follows, the second section, which I’ve titled, for this exercise, “The Secret in the Mirror,” to comply with our work/play/reading of Rebecca Solnit’s A Field Guide to  Getting Lost. […]

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